Selling An Inherited House

Losing a loved one is hard at the best of times. When you have to make decisions about what to do with a house you inherited, it can cause even more stress. Many heirs do not live near the home, which makes it more difficult to supervise home improvements or be present for the selling process. 

If you are in this situation, you might wonder about selling the home so you don’t have to deal with it. Fortunately, selling a house for cash — AS-IS — is an option. Selling inherited property quickly is what Swift Homes does best.

Selling an Inherited House 

Selling someone else’s house on the traditional real estate market is often more complicated than selling your home. When inheriting a house, you need to determine the terms of the estate. There may be other people who have inherited a portion of the house. In many cases, selling it is the most effective way to settle the estate. Selling for cash, AS-IS, can help you avoid a lot of possible delays.

For most people, the problem is that the home isn’t in selling condition. Getting the house to a point that buyers are interested might take months. If you have lots of memories in the home, clearing the old furniture and decor could take an emotional toll on you and your family. Heirs who live hundreds of miles away may not have the ability to deal with it. If the house still has monthly mortgage payments due, waiting months or a year to sell it will cost even more money.

Benefits of Selling Inherited Property for Cash

If your inherited property is starting to seem like a burden instead of a fortune, there are ways to simplify the situation quickly. Selling a home through a traditional agent takes time. When selling the house for cash AS-IS, you may be able to complete the process much faster.

Instead of spending weeks staging the house or updating certain rooms to make them more competitive, you can leave it in its current condition. There is no need to worry about whether or not the buyer will expect you to pay for repairs that come up during a home inspection. Selling a house AS-IS means that you are not making any changes before the sale is complete.

Now that you know the benefits, you should see how easy it can be to work with a cash buyer such as Swift Homes. Since we are not buying a house as a primary occupant, we have a streamlined process that makes it much quicker than a traditional sale.

Complete a simple form with the basic details about the property, such as the address. We will determine if we want to make a cash offer. We need to perform a basic inspection, but it’s arranged on your schedule. If you accept the offer, we can set a closing date. The process could take around 10 days, which is about a quarter of the time you might spend selling it otherwise.

How to Sell an Inherited House 

Since there are a lot of cash buyers out there, it’s important to understand why people think Swift Homes is such a convenient choice. We have a combined 20 years of experience buying thousands of homes for cash AS-IS. With that knowledge, we’ve made the process as quick and convenient as you need it to be. We don’t have to track a cash buyer for your home, so there is no other party who needs to weigh in before you accept an offer. 

Our goal is to make a competitive cash offer that saves you from the hassle of renovating. When you inherit a home, you deserve that consideration. If you want to learn how easy it is to sell an inherited house fast, get your cash offer here.

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