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Frequently Asked Questions from Homeowners in St Louis

How do I get my offer?

Once you fill out our short form, our underwriting team will review your property and you will receive an offer via email in 1-2 business days!

What fees are involved?

We charge no fees! Seller may still be responsible for actual reimbursement costs due to purchaser at closing, such as unpaid taxes, HOA costs, unpaid mortgage payments or liens on the property.

Do you look at my house before giving an offer?

We do our best to diligently review your property based on the information we can find online, but we do not physically go out to the property until we sign a contract. However, once the contract is signed we will conduct a standard 3rd party home inspection to gain a better understanding of the condition that the home is in.

What types of homes do you buy?

We specialize in purchasing single-family homes. However, we will consider condos, multi-family and commercial property. At this time, we do not purchase mobile homes, manufactured homes, vacant lots, or land.

What if my house needs repairs?

After we sign a contract, we conduct a standard 3rd party home inspection. If there are excessive repairs needed, we get pricing to fix any other issues found on the home inspection report and ask for a repair credit in that amount. We wait until closing to start on any of the repairs.

If you disagree with the repair credit, you are under no obligation to move forward and can cancel at no charge. You always have the option to make the repairs yourself and we can move forward without the credit.


Each year, many homeowners in St Louis and across the State of Missouri seek to make a change and sell their properties. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some put their houses up for sale because they need to relocate for work or for family-related reasons. Others find themselves needing more or less space depending on changing life circumstances. No matter the specific reasons though, all sellers ultimately want to entice buyers and get the most value possible in the transaction. If you’re wondering how to prepare your St Louis home to sell, there are a few important points to consider.

Whether you choose to work with a realtor, or sell your house on your own, it is vital to make the property look and feel as appealing as you possibly can. Just as you want to impress buyers and maximize your profits, so too do all of the other sellers seeking to attract interest in their properties. If you like the idea of working with a real estate agent, keep in mind that you’ll end up having to pay commission which will detract from your net revenue.

How to Sell Your House in St Louis MO

In order to make the best first impression on the home buyers in your area as they view your listings and come by for open houses, you’ll want to ensure that your home is immaculate from top to bottom. While you can decide to tackle this kind of thorough cleaning on your own, it is often quite tiring and time consuming. This can prove to be a somewhat daunting task for many, particularly those that have limited time available to dedicate to such work.

Another important means of preparing your St Louis house for sale is making any necessary repairs, structural or otherwise. Home buyers can quickly be turned off of your property if they find that there are many things that need to be fixed up. It is incumbent upon you then to have the repairs taken care of appropriately. Depending on the extent of the repairs needed, you may end up having to invest a lot of money for the work.

Some sellers even choose to replace existing appliances with more modern counterparts as a way to further entice those shopping for homes. Strategically, you could even consider making larger-scale renovations to enhance the overall living space of the house. Ultimately, to get the most money out of the deal as possible, you’re likely going to have to put at least some money in.

St Louis Home Sale Preparation

If everything discussed above sounds like it can take a lot of time, effort, and money to accomplish, that’s because it often does. Sellers anticipating an easy experience with equally easy profits quickly find that the reality of the situation can be quite different. While some homeowners that go through conventional St Louis home sale preparation do end up finding the type of success they’re looking for, others end up feeling frustrated and dejected. The fact of the matter is that when you use the services of a realtor or take the FSBO route, there are no guarantees that your preparation will lead to the type of deal you desire.

Swift Homes is here to offer you and other sellers in St Louis a far better option. Over the years, our renowned company has facilitated the sale of more than 5,000 properties across the United States. Sellers love working with us because we have a straightforward and hassle-free process that doesn’t drag on like traditional real estate deals can. We also do not charge fees, meaning that you won’t have to worry about paying commission. With the backing of our own rental fund as well as partnerships with other funding providers, Swift Homes is able to provide you with a top-value cash offer that is also dependable.

When you choose Swift Homes, you won’t need to spend the time and money preparing your St Louis house for sale as you would otherwise. This is because we work with homes in as-is condition. With us, the only situation where we’d need to deduct an amount from the initial offer is if our 3rd party inspection determines that extensive repair work is needed to make the property appropriately livable. Even then, you have the option to cancel the deal without penalty or otherwise make the repairs yourself.

Sell Your St Louis Home Fast for Cash

Whether in St Louis or otherwise, there is a lot that goes into preparing a home for sale when you work with a real estate agent or list on the market yourself. Such preparation can require a substantial investment of time and money, with the risk that it may not lead to the outcome desired. Swift Homes takes that preparation work out of the equation while providing reliable cash offers and a smooth overall experience. If you’re ready to sell your home, please request your cash offer online or give us a call. We look forward to assisting you.

Get your free offer from Swift Homes today.

Get your free offer from Swift Homes today.