Before You Have Your Offer

What is Swift Homes?

Swift Homes is the premier place to sell your home! We get you the best price by not only utilizing our own rental fund, but by partnering with other funds to allow you exclusive access to those valuable relationships. This increases your opportunity for the highest cash offer on your home!

How do I get my offer?

Once you fill out our short form, our underwriting team will review your property and you will receive an offer via email in 1-2 business days!

What fees are involved?

We charge no fees! Seller may still be responsible for actual reimbursement costs due to purchaser at closing, such as unpaid taxes, HOA costs, unpaid mortgage payments or liens on the property.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

Signing a contract establishes you as a serious seller. Our partners evaluate hundreds, if not thousands, of properties a day as institutional funds. The contract allows you access to our relationships with them to give you an expedited response and the highest possible offer.

Do you look at my house before giving an offer?

We do our best to diligently review your property based on the information we can find online, but we do not physically go out to the property until we sign a contract. However, once the contract is signed we will conduct a standard 3rd party home inspection to gain a better understanding of the condition that the home is in.

Where do you buy homes?

We are market agnostic, meaning we can buy in most markets!

What types of homes do you buy?

We specialize in purchasing single-family homes. However, we will consider condos, multi-family and commercial property. At this time, we do not purchase mobile homes, manufactured homes, vacant lots, or land.

How do you determine the offer price on my home?

In order to prepare an offer we review the basic information on the home such as bed, bath, square feet, year built, comparable homes, market rent and all information that is readily available to us. Receive your free cash offer today by filling out this form.

What if I have an investment property with tenants?

That’s not a problem! We buy investment properties with tenants in place. When submitting our offer application form, please be sure to mention that the home has a tenant(s), what they are paying in rent, and when the lease expires (if applicable).

Can I rent my home back after I sell it?

It depends! You may be able to stay in your home and rent it back after you sell it to us upon approval by the rental fund. Let us know if you are interested in renting back the home so we can get you more information!

How long will it take to get my offer?

Once you fill out this form, you will receive your cash offer within 1-2 business days. Should there be any delay, feel free to reach out to us directly for an update and we would be happy to help.

Who pays the closing costs if I sell my home to Swift Homes?

When you sell to Swift, we cover the following customary closing costs – Deed Preparation/Attorney Fees, Title Search, Recording Fees, and Notary Fees.

What if my home is listed with a realtor?

If your home is listed with a realtor, you can still fill out this form to get an offer from Swift Homes. However, you are responsible for paying any fees that you owe your realtor at closing.

After You Have Your Offer

How do I accept my offer?

You can accept your offer by signing the contract that we send to your email. If you can’t find the contract, please reach out to us and we would be happy to re-send it!

What if my house needs repairs?

After we sign a contract, we conduct a standard 3rd party home inspection. If there are excessive repairs needed, we get pricing to fix any other issues found on the home inspection report and ask for a repair credit in that amount. We wait until closing to start on any of the repairs.

If you disagree with the repair credit, you are under no obligation to move forward and can cancel at no charge. You always have the option to make the repairs yourself and we can move forward without the credit.

How quickly can you close on my home?

We close on your timeline – from a few weeks to a few months. The sooner we sign the contract, the sooner we can close! We always work with the title company and other parties to close as soon as possible and on your timeline.

Is my offer negotiable?

We aim to give you our best offer up front. However, if there is something we may have missed, let us know and we’ll check to see if it affects our original offer amount.

How does my mortgage get paid off?

Once the purchase contract is signed, we open an escrow account. The title company contacts your mortgage lender to get the payoff amount, and at closing the mortgage balance is wired to your lender. Any amount exceeding the mortgage payoff amount is wired to your bank account. You can also contact your mortgage lender directly for further questions.

Can I set or change my closing date?

You can change your closing date. We close on your home on your timeline — in a few weeks or a few months.

Can I make my own repairs if needed?

No, unfortunately. We purchase homes in the condition the property is currently in to expedite the process. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

After You’ve Accepted Your Offer

What are the next steps after accepting an offer from Swift Homes?

Inspection will take place once the partnering fund is confirmed on your home. After the inspection, we will finalize terms with you and then we are ready to close on your timeline as soon as the title is cleared!

How is my home inspection scheduled?

Once you sign a contract with Swift Homes, our inspection company will reach out to you directly to schedule an inspection of your home.

How quickly can you close on my home sale?

We can close as soon as the home inspection is complete and the title is cleared. Usually this process takes a few weeks, but our closing timeline is dependent on the inspection and title companies’ respective schedules. We do everything in our power to close quickly and on your timeline!

Realtors & Investors

What if I have more than one home I want to sell?

If you have more than one home that you’d like an offer on, you can fill out this form for each property or send us an email at If you choose to email us, please be sure to include as much detail as possible including addresses, rents and lease terms (if applicable), and condition (photos are appreciated).

Do you work with investors?

Swift Homes works with investors. If you are interested in offers on multiple properties, please submit this form for each property or email us at If you choose to send us an email, please be sure to include as much detail as possible including addresses, rents and lease terms (if applicable), and condition (photos are appreciated).

Do you work with realtors?

Swift Homes works with realtors. We pay a referral fee to realtors who refer sellers. Please email us at to refer a seller.