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Frequently Asked Questions from Homeowners in Orlando

How do I get my offer?

Once you fill out our short form, our underwriting team will review your property and you will receive an offer via email in 1-2 business days!

What fees are involved?

We charge no fees! Seller may still be responsible for actual reimbursement costs due to purchaser at closing, such as unpaid taxes, HOA costs, unpaid mortgage payments or liens on the property.

Do you look at my house before giving an offer?

We do our best to diligently review your property based on the information we can find online, but we do not physically go out to the property until we sign a contract. However, once the contract is signed we will conduct a standard 3rd party home inspection to gain a better understanding of the condition that the home is in.

What types of homes do you buy?

We specialize in purchasing single-family homes. However, we will consider condos, multi-family and commercial property. At this time, we do not purchase mobile homes, manufactured homes, vacant lots, or land.

What if my house needs repairs?

After we sign a contract, we conduct a standard 3rd party home inspection. If there are excessive repairs needed, we get pricing to fix any other issues found on the home inspection report and ask for a repair credit in that amount. We wait until closing to start on any of the repairs.

If you disagree with the repair credit, you are under no obligation to move forward and can cancel at no charge. You always have the option to make the repairs yourself and we can move forward without the credit.


Anyone that has purchased a home in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida understands how expensive a proposition it can be. While some buyers pay for their properties in cash or choose from a range of unconventional options, a majority take out home loans, also known as mortgages. Common mortgage types include 15-year-fixed-rate, 30-year-fixed-rate, and adjustable-rate.

While some Orlando homeowners stick with their initial mortgage for the duration, others seek to make a change through a process known as refinancing. In a general sense, refinancing a mortgage involves swapping your present loan for one that is more advantageous. There are a number of reasons why property owners choose to refinance. Some desire to change the type of mortgage they have to better suit their needs. Others seek to reduce the length of their loans, or capitalize on the home equity that they’ve accrued over time. While all of these are valid reasons to refinance, many do so because they want to obtain a lower interest rate and reduced payment amounts.


Selling Your House in Orlando Post Refinance

There are times when homeowners will choose to sell their properties even after going through the refinancing process. It is important to keep in mind that even though refinancing can save you money in the long run, there are a number of refinance-specific closing costs that you must pay. That being said, you may want to take advantage of a seller-friendly real estate market if you believe that the benefit gained from selling will outweigh the expenses from refinancing. If you’re wondering how soon after refinancing can I sell my Orlando home, the answer is fairly simple. Other than situations where your refinanced mortgage specifies that you must remain in the home for a set timeframe, you can sell your home at any time you’d like post refinance.

If you’re aiming to sell your house after getting a new mortgage, a fundamental question is what method to choose. While working with a real estate agent may be an appealing option, don’t forget that there are commission fees associated that can eat into your net profit as well as the potential for repair costs to make the property listing-ready. This can be even more problematic if you’ve just refinanced, as you’ll have those closing costs to contend with as well. You could also try to sell the house yourself, but that is often a time and money-consuming prospect as well. With either of these methods, there is also no guarantee that your property will end up finding the right buyer.


Sell Your Orlando Home After Mortgage Refinancing

At Swift Homes, we provide a highly-advantageous third option if you want to sell your home in Orlando after mortgage refinancing. Our company works in many home markets across the country, and has facilitated the sale of more than 5,000 properties. With our streamlined, hassle-free process, we’re able to close transactions quickly (generally within a few weeks or a few months). Our internal rental fund, in combination with other funding partners, enables us to provide the best cash offers that you can truly depend on.

Another tremendous benefit of working with Swift Homes is that we work on deals with houses in as-is condition. Whereas with conventional means of selling a home you may need to spend a lot of money on repair and maintenance work to make the property as enticing as possible, this is not the case with us. Rather, the only time you’ll need to pay for repairs (in the form of a repair credit deducted from the initial offer), is if our third party home inspection determines that excessive repair work is required. Even so, you can always choose to make the repairs yourself to negate the need for the credit, or cancel the deal entirely. Control is in your hands.


Refinanced Home Sales in Orlando Made Easy – Swift Homes

On top of the aforementioned advantages of working with Swift Homes, we also do not charge any fees for our services. You may need to pay reimbursement costs that are due to the purchaser at closing, but our company does not charge the commission fees that realtors do. Swift Homes will even pay a number of customary closing costs, including Deed Preparation/Attorney Fees, Recording Fees, Notary Fees, and Title Search. All of this saves you money as you manage the costs stemming from refinancing. If you want to sell your Orlando home soon after refinancing fast and for top cash value, there’s no better choice than Swift Homes. Request your cash offer online today, or call (877) 861-2466.

Get your free offer from Swift Homes today.

Get your free offer from Swift Homes today.